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The Rame 550 biocamino is the successful combination of a low price with a solid workmanship and an attractive design, given the features of the bevelled front frame.

The fireplace can be hung on the wall or recessed into a niche in the wall. This model is made of steel coated with heat-resistant paint.

The external frame in bevelled steel is powder coated in semi-gloss color. The entire structure of the fireplace is made with the emphasis on ensuring reliable and long-term operation. Inside the chimney there are four oblong holes , (on both sides of the chimney) designed to ventilate the space of the burner and at the same time to equalize the pressure.

Inside the biocamino there is a practical and solid 30 cm long burner made of stainless steel elegantly satin. The burner is not equipped with a fire height adjustment, but can be switched off at any time through the appropriate lid placed above the exit of the burner.

One of the advantages of the burner used in the Frame biocamino is its safety, thanks to the use of an exclusive absorbent insert inside the firebox, which prevents the fuel from escaping from the tank. The absorbent body acts as a "sponge" that absorbs fuel and holds it in the tank. Even in the case of sudden fire movement, the liquid does not escape from the inside and does not cause fire to spread. The absorbent core also ensures longer, more uniform biofuel combustion.

Made in EU. TÜV certified.


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