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INSIDE 1100.2 - Built-in corner bio-fireplace with...

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Built-in corner bio-fireplace 1100.2 with protective glass, matt black. Right / left opening

  • Fireplace type: Built-in corner
  • Bio-fireplace: made of 1.5mm thick steel, powder coated with heat-resistant paint. Color: Matte Black
  • Dimensions: 110X45X35cm. Weight 22kg
  • Burner in brushed stainless steel, 3mm thick, 800mm long in LongFire type stainless steel with 2L capacity. Glasses included: Front and Side
  • Made in EU. TÜV certified

2SIDE - Biocamino Double-sided Bioethanol Fireplace cm...

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2SIDE 90/120 cm. Built-in Bioethanol Fireplace

  • Type of biocamino: double-sided, built-in.
  • Construction: powder coated steel structure with matt black heat resistant paint
  • Burner in brushed stainless steel 3mm thick. Inside there is an absorbent ceramic fiber core. Burning time depends on the size and capacity of the burner and the ventilation of the environment and also on the size of the set flame 
  • Glass: 4 mm tempered glass, darkened
  • MADE IN EU. TÜV certificate

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