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The bio ethanol burner gives the opportunity to incorporate a majestic fire into your environment without having to resort to a chimney or other installations. It must be inserted into the hole prepared in heat-resistant material or placed in an existing but unused fireplace. Remember to always leave min. 50 cm distance above the hearth, so that the flame has a place for free combustion.

To give greater safety to the inserts, intended for installation on surfaces such as, for example, furniture or directly on the wall, a special protective container has been built. In fact, the burner consists in the lower part of a container made of 2 mm thick sheet metal, powder coated with a heat-resistant semi-matt black paint. Inside there is a ceramic sponge coating (aluminosilicate mat): non-flammable, resistant to temperatures up to 1260 ° C - does not melt, absorbs bioethanol very well and prevents it from escaping from the burner.

In the side walls of the container there are ventilation openings which allow the biofuel vapors to be evacuated.

The container is proportioned to the specific dimensions of the biofuel burner. Using the burner together with the container we are sure that the liquid will not go outside under any circumstances. Protective glasses are fixed to both sides of container.


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