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This burner, with very refined characteristics, has been designed to be incorporated in a material resistant to high temperatures such as stone or brick. However, the high quality of its components makes it possible to mount it even in materials more sensitive to high temperatures, such as wooden furniture or plasterboard. For this purpose, this burner has a safety container made of its own material.

The set includes 2 tempered glasses which give greater safety during its use.

The burner produces a long and effective line of fire which makes any environment in which it is placed warm and welcoming, furthermore thanks to a simple recess and an absorbent fiber placed inside the flame is more uniform and stable throughout the combustion time . The burner bracket allows you to adjust and effectively extinguish the flame at any time. The Container also has a ventilation system that reduces the pressure preventing the biofuel from escaping.

The safety container together is ready for installation and thanks to its design it absorbs the heat of the burner so any surface where it is placed does not get too hot.


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