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The Incyrcle bio-fireplace is a 100% premium product for lovers of the best design who expect unique design and the highest quality workmanship. This model is an example of an original approach to the theme of ecological fireplaces, because it is not mounted on the wall or floor but on the ceiling. Thanks to this solution, one gets the impression that it is an avant-garde fireplace that extends straight up to the ceiling.

Inside is a high quality stainless Fala 500 burner which provides a long and effective line of dynamic fire with a length of approximately 45cm. The burner is made entirely of 3mm thick stainless steel and is decorated with a brushed finish on the upper surface. It has a safe, simple and reliable regulation of the intensity of the flame and the ability to quickly extinguish it. The modern, wave-shaped, laser-cut burner outlet extends the fire over its entire length and offers a more dynamic flame play than burners with a classic, straight outlet.

One of the most important features of the Fala 500 burner used in the bio-fireplace is its safety, given by the use of an exclusive absorbent insert placed inside it which prevents the fuel from leaking out of the tank. The absorbent body works like a "sponge" which holds the bioethanol in the tank. Even in the event of sudden movement, the liquid does not escape from the inside and does not cause unnecessary fire spread. The absorbent core also ensures a longer and more even burn of the biofuel. Made in EU. TÜV certified


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