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Ecological, functional, safe

The Charm Of A Ventless Bio-Fireplace

Bio-fireplaces are extremely versatile as they adapt to any design and space requirement and are a simple, eco-sustainable and innovative solution for heating your home. The bio-fireplace produces a real flame whose duration and heating capacity depend on the size of the burner. The bioethanol combustion process is safe and not harmful to health; it does not produce any kind of soot, smoke or unpleasant smell.

Bioethanol Fireplaces

OutInFire Design And Style

Bio-fireplaces represent the union between a design piece of furniture and a device that gives an incentive to heat. A modern and elegant home hearth, extremely functional and easy to install.

Thanks to these innovative devices it is possible to enjoy the charm of a traditional fireplace in any apartment or corner of the house, eliminating inconveniences and limitations in placement.

In our online shop there are bio-fireplaces with a classic or modern style; from wall mounting, recessed, floor standing or suspended. Homezone store also offers a range of high-quality accessories that give the bio-fireplace flame a realistic look.

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