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Bio-fireplaces are the ideal solution for all rooms where it is not possible to build a traditional fireplace. They are easy to use, completely safe, odorless and do not emit smoke, they do not need installations and chimneys.

They burn with a clean, lively fire, which creates a cozy atmosphere and wonderfully underlines the character of both modern and classically styled interiors. They use bioethanol as fuel. The effect of this combustion is given by heat and water vapour. No smoke or soot is produced, therefore bio-fireplaces do not need a chimney system to discharge the fumes. They don't need cleaning.

The Guntur model is a bio-fireplace that can be placed both on the floor and hung on the wall, this characteristic therefore makes it unique! It has a burner large enough to ensure long combustion of the bioethanol, which will make the environment in which it is placed warm and welcoming. This model is suitable for both modern and classic environments.

INSTALLATION COMMENTS: The fireplace is delivered already assembled, after unpacking and placing it in the desired place it is immediately ready for use.


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